Roach v Dinwiddie
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Roach v Dinwiddie

10:41:33 AM - Wally McClure - George is hit it in the fairway on 13
10:41:03 AM - Wally McClure - Bill Junior is hit it in the fairway on 13
10:40:28 AM - Wally McClure - Not many close matches right now
10:11:40 AM - Wally McClure - Correction George’s hit his ball up to about six or 8 feet here on 10 great shot
10:10:45 AM - Wally McClure - Bill Junior has hit his ball long and just a little left of the flag on the backside of the green on 10
10:09:40 AM - Wally McClure - George’s hit his ball on 10 just left of the flag probably about 20 feet
10:08:47 AM - Wally McClure - George with par on nine to win the hole
10:02:01 AM - Wally McClure - Roach has spun his ball all the way back probably 25 or 30 feet back on nine and so he’s off the green on the right hand side hit a really good shop though
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