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Matt's Sunday Matches
2021 Jimmy Dickson Cup - Current Matchplay
2021 Jimmy Dickson Cup - First Round
2021 Jimmy Dickson Cup - All Matches
2021 Cherokee Match Play - Second Round
2021 Cherokee Match Play - Third Round
2021 Jimmy Dickson Cup Fourth Round
2021 Jimmy Dickson .cup Fifth Round
Current Tournaments
Event Scores
7:40 am Consolation Match
Wilson v Greer Morning Round
Wilson v Greer - Afternoon Round
Wilson v Coffey
Greer v Montgomery
Hack Attack
Claussen 7/24/2021
Wilson v Bodie
Coffey v Robinson
Greer v Smith
Montgomery v Gosselin
Claussen 7/22/2021
Claussen 7/21/2021
McClure 7/21/2021
Claussen 7/20/2021
Claussen 7/19/2021
Wilson v Oakes
Counts v Bodie
Thompson v Coffey
Robinson v Dinwiddie
Roach v Montgomery
Gosselin v Brownlee
Greer v Wallace
Kuester v Smith
Wilson v Sprouse
Long v Oakes
Counts v Oros
Bodie v Brewer
Thompson v Wooten
Clark V Smith
Maxwell v Robinson
Wofford v Dinwiddie
Greer v Birdies Ben II - The Sequel
Holt v Wallace
Brad Match
Slayer v Brownlee
Smith v Winston
Roach v Daniels
Gray v Montgomery
Gosselin v Harris
Moss 7/17/2021
KAAR - Birdies for Backpacks 2021
HBAK 2021
GT Baseball 2021
Children's Hospital - AM
Children's Hospital - PM
LaMarbre v Roskop
Chris v Haynes
Vaughn v Googe
Bill v Harris
Jason v Larry
Wayne v James
Phillip Fulmer Golf Classic - 2021
Maytag Cup
Smoky Mtn Boys & Girls Club 2020 - Highlands
Smoky Mtn Boys & Girls Club 2020 - River Course
Tish Invitational - Day 3
Tish Invitational - Day 2
Tish Invitational - Day 1
2020 HBA of Greater Knoxville
Boys & Girls Club - Smoky Mtns - River
Boys & Girls Club - Smoky Mtns - Highland
HBAGK 2019
Boys & Girls Club - Phillip Fulmer Golf Classic 2019
Wally Test MG
Wally Test 666
Cody River Course
Cody Highlands
Cody TN National
Wally Test Strokeplay
Wally Test Team Game
Gary's Game
Boys & Girls Club - River Course
Boys & Girls Club - Highlands Course
Wally Test
Saturday @ Honors
Multi Round
Marist Alumni Annual Golf Tournament
Wally Test 2
Wally Test
AWL Open Round 1
Example Game
Test Charity
Pro Am 9/12 @ Green Meadows
Sunday test game
Sunday Game
Morning Full Field
Afternoon Full Field
Sunday Gangsome April 17
Deadhorse - Sunday 11/15
Wally Test - Old & Keep Around