Morning round
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Morning round

2:34:16 PM - Wally McClure - Stu has gone a bit right on nine down near Claussen’s crevice.
2:33:17 PM - Wally McClure - The wind really knocked down Zack’s ball. He is way back on nine
2:00:33 PM - Wally McClure - Stu has just hit a dart into six he’s probably know eight or nine feet just right of the flag
1:59:37 PM - Wally McClure - Zack has it it just left of the green on six
12:06:17 PM - Wally McClure - You got a short break and then will be back to golf
11:52:02 AM - Wally McClure - Stu has hit his ball on the correct tier on 18 he’s about 12 feet or so long and just to the right
11:51:25 AM - Wally McClure - Zack is in the middle of the green on 18 but on the lower tier
11:46:24 AM - Wally McClure - Stu Smith is not one up in the match and they’re playing 18
11:30:27 AM - Wally McClure - All Square going to 17
11:03:23 AM - Wally McClure - It is amazing how whole 14 can jump up and bite you at times
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